Valdemar – Late modern

10 Black-hole-diving
10 Claustrofobia
10 Dreamable
10 Earthquake

This is robust concrete house music made for indoor living during dark ages. I remember when I rebuilt my cellar into an air-raid shelter when things were really starting to heat up in the middle east. I listened a lot to the early releases of The Juan MacLean then. This 3-track EP gets me a little in that same cosy mood. You know diving in to yourself endlessly. Letting yourself suck into your soul as if diving in a giant big black hole.
Once I had some friends over, beleive it or not, we had a rave down there. It was massive. I beleive we should have played ”slooow” there then. Massive kick kicking the shit out of your inner organs.
Great video too!

Love this shit!

Olaf Preppahhh!!

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