Blanck Mass – In Ferneaux

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Oh shit, I love the arpeggio synths. It’s music for a carpenter horror movie from my childhood again. Also reminds a little of a track with a Swedish band called STYGG. They just had one instrumental track and it sounded like this a bit. Yeah, and then there’s a lot of noise. Sound like a barbecue. A fire burning in the front, and someone fooling a round with a lot of wooden sticks. Small strange animals, birds and stuff. What a mess! That’s great stuff! Albright man, and then comes some strange snake sounds for a while or is it cicadas? My tinnitus will come alive again, my dog is barking at the same time. Fabulous combo! And then comes some really beautiful synths that make me think of early 80’s science fiction Blade runner and Vangelis. That’s also great shit of course! I like Blanck Mass! Blanck Mass seems to be having a great time and I like people having a great time!

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