Shit and Shine – Total S**t!

5 Claustrophobic car reverbs
7 Ugly drum machine beats
6 Trumpet like synth sounds
10 Slacker feeling

Shit and Shine – Total S**t!

Wasted youth! What about building an empire instead of trolling with your old analogue synths. The skills of these freaks could easily harnest the power of the atom and use it to spread the power of a united working class. This is the true decadence of capitalism. Glitchy monotomic synths on repeat fading in to each others in a tempting way. It makes me want to earn more on others work and spend it on music made by immoral people like this.

In their track Excess, Laziness, Egotism the sound make me think of horrible, cheap and captialistic 80’s movies of Carpenter like Videodrome. I don’t know why.

Long Island City feels like a tribute to the heart of the capitalistic society of USA. At first it’s obviously made on drugs. Like people jumping around in a forest believing they are in a city or inverse.


Sergei Rouge

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