The emperors machine – Voltage controlled

10 Etatism
10 Brave new world
10 Machinery

In the 80s I did some gaming on my c64. I picture myself playing mutant camels by Jeff Minter listening to this. It sounds as it should have sounded. Or as watching some old piece of intro to a documentary about machines.
I was very lucky having a c64 in east germany at that time. We had it hidden from Stasi in a warderobe where we kept it behind some robes. It was a magic place, we had hooked it up with an old amplifier and the sound was dark, muddy and suggestive.

This EP really takes me back to that time of my life as I close my eyes. Etatism and the lovely presence of a firm system. Someone whishing to create the perfect machinery of you, your family and friends whether you like it or not, knowing the best for you all.

Great synths, bass, drums etc. you name it. Would love to join these guys/guy in their/his studio in a soft 70s laid back brown manchester chair.

Sergei Rouge

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