Sutja Guitierrez – The Legend Of Time

10 African bass
10 Tibetan instruments
10 Shamanic Ayhuasca feeling

I got this record some months ago and haven’t had the time to write about it. I’ve had it playing almost everytime I take a bath. It’s perfect bath music for the post LSD-generation. I bet my parents would have loved listening to this shit when they made me.

Sutja makes fuckable music for the fucking world. It’s like shamans hitting giant drums and stuff but you know it’s synthesizerzzz. It feels as it should feel being on the savannah watching giant giraffs being hunted by lions. You become one with the nature. I had this feeling when i was in my teenage years listening to a band called .. euhhh umm. forgot the name.

Listen to this album! Put it in your playlist!

Hugs ‘n kisses!
Lucy DMT

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