Ataque de Pánico by ACTY

10 Psychedelic
10 Guitarras flanger
10 Cool drums
10 Cool bass

Wow, this is weird stuff! This is so beautiful. It’s a bit shoegazy with some nice experimental industrial sounds going on. The experimental parts make me think of bands like Holy Fuck, but these guys use walls of flanger ’90s guitars in the background and stuff like that. It’s amazingly psychedelic. My Spanish is too weak to understand anything, though. I need to practice that language since this is the second Spanish-speaking band I’ve reviewed this week. What’s going on? Are they taking over? I hope so! This is actually the first track I’ve listened to by this band. I’ve heard it five times now on repeat. I’m going to let you test it now, and hopefully, I’ll listen to the rest of their music.

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