10 Dystopia
10 Bass sound
10 Synths, vocals and production.

So fucking nice. I love this album. These guys are insane, you know? They play these weird, deep bass sounds, distorted and shit. Those vocals are mixed by a genius. Maybe sung by one too. It’s like living in a dystopian nightmare, but still, at the same time, in a sick kind of way. Like enjoying watching Blade Runner or something. Enjoying the rain, broken stuff, the concrete, and the state taking total control of you and the whole shit. Maybe the only hope comes from hanging around in the outskirts, seeing the whole shit collapse. You know that kind of enjoyment. Seeing-the-shit-collapse-enjoyment! Anyway, yeah, those synths… groovy. Dirty but still clean. You know the feeling of listening to FRONT 242 in your teens in the very early nineties. Not sure what it’s about. But some kind of wish for a better world, staring into the machine itself in a dissonant, totally broken way. I guess like most of us idiots keep doing the whole time of our lives these days!!!! 😀 On a previous album, they have a track that keeps on repeating the lyrics ‘You’re a slave, don’t you ever forget.’ You know that spirit!!! Listen to it; you’ll like it in your own perverse way for sure!


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