Loser’s mind – Club of Droids

10 Muscles
10 Psychedelics

In the rhythmic realm, robust drums flex their muscles like seasoned bodybuilders, while the bass synth echoes the clangor of a Teutonic factory. The guitars, bearing the scars of rebellion, emit a trashed allure. Vocals, delayed as if traversing the cosmos, serenade the entire solar system in the opening track of this dual-headed single.

A throwback to the era of two-sided vinyl delights, the second track unfolds, slower yet groovier. The vocals step into the limelight, performing admirably. Thoughts wander to bands like Tame Impala, but with a gritty, untamed spirit. The drumbeats surge with potency once more, hinting at the kinetic force held within.

As the inaugural single of an impending full album, anticipation lingers. What auditory odyssey might the next unveiling bring? A tantalizing Instagram snippet, featuring two enigmatic figures cloaked in black – presumably the band members – accompanies a synth-drenched track, perhaps a glimpse of their imminent sonic revelation. The intrigue mounts, echoing the promise of musical ventures yet untold.

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