Mer ljus by Professor Johan Bring

10 Heaviness
10 Illuminating lyrics
10 Academia

This album exudes a laid-back vibe, crafted by a musician who knows their way around. The opening track, “mer ljus,” hits hard, making you feel effortlessly cool and spiritually relaxed. Its psychedelic guitar riffs create a mesmerizing atmosphere, resonating with your soul. The second track, seemingly by a different guitarist and bassist, raises questions about the mysterious “Professor” behind the scenes. Does this Professor have genuine academic credentials? Perhaps in the art of life itself? The lyrics remain a mystery, lost in translation, but the vibe is undeniable. Track three grooves with a hip-hop beat and a melodic chorus, delivering a mellow vibe. The fourth track, sung in French, stands out as a definite hit. One wonders if it has made its mark on the French audience. The album culminates in a top-notch remix by the French Falafunk, adding another layer to the Professor’s earlier summer release. Overall, it’s an intriguing album that undoubtedly warrants a detailed review in the days to come.

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