Bubblegum dog – MGMT

10 15th century feel
10 Summer of love

Man, this MGMT vibe is just, like, the usual trip, ya know? It’s like trying to catch the wind, ’cause they’re always groovin’ in all directions. This far-out single’s got this magical 15th-century piano whisperin’ behind the scenes, dancing with those far-out fuzzed guitars straight from the ’70s, and spaced-out tremolo guitar solos that are like cosmic echoes.

Then, the second track rolls in all mellow, like Simon and Garfunkel jammin’ by the fireside. It starts easy, man, and then it bursts into this true hippie-hymn chorus, jerkin’ away like a flower child in full bloom.

They’ve pulled it off again, man! Can’t wait to catch the whole trip when their full album drops, probably in 2024 – the universe is just aligning, ya feel? Peace, love, and more MGMT magic on the horizon! ✌️✨

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